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Growing in the wild West (Sussex)

True love conquers all. This is a message whispered from fairy tales, from books and films, into our small ears and hearts when we grow up, that a beautiful, pure love can conquer even the darkest of troubles.

My love of nature, of the world we live in, from the largest ideas of Mother Earth, to the tiniest of moments in nature in my life, smells of leaves, an insect on a blade of grass in the sunshine.

My other true love, and the most important job in society today, is watching and helping children learning to fly.

Little Birds combines my two loves, and this nursery and the mammoth effort and work it requires to achieve my high standards, is a love song.

I grew up in very urban London, but scraps of land, playing fields and a small dark corner of a woodland, was enough to ignite a life long passion.

Like everyone,I have experienced joy and many adversities, and every single time, nature resets me and sets me free. There is so much press and research and frightening statistics that our children are so far removed from nature, from each other, but I am not focusing on that. I believe in hope.

To allow children to grow, learn, hearing the wind sing, smelling summer rain, feeling the sunlight on their skin, and lying under a tree, watching and wondering, wanting to know more, to allow them to develop physical, emotional and mental strength, feel freedom and experience such a foundation in life, gives me hope.

Hope for a better world, hope that nature whispers back to these lovely children of ours her unique and magical message of happiness and hope.....

In the words of Lennon and Maisy.....Oh you Little Birds...tell the whole wide world that we sing our love for her............

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