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Learning through play


Welcome to Little Birds! We're so pleased you're here.


Children at Little Birds grow and are encouraged to lead the way to become happy, healthy, creative and critical thinkers who are resilient, feel valued, and develop an unshakeable foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Out in all weathers, our children embrace nature in our fully outdoor forest nursery and our woodland, field, meadow, beach and garden become our Little Bird's third teacher. Our philosophy is inspired by the world renowned Reggio Emilia pedagogy, combined with the Scandinavian Skogsmulle approach and our Little Birds access meaningful, deep and project led learning, all in the beautiful setting of the South Downs. 


A place of learning for all - where teachers and children can be inspired, research, innovate and learn together, with the natural world as our teacher.  A place where nature can also connect with us - where we see, hear and value our world.

Our the nursery is like the roots of a tree - connected to and working symbiotically with our families, our communities, our landscapes and our pedagogy.

If you would like more information on our nursery or to arrange a visit we would love to hear from you. 

Sam Lovegrove, Director & Founder


"Having a child at Little Birds is like being part of an extended family.  A charming family of endlessly cheerful (especially in the face of unrelenting rain), inventive, warm-hearted, outdoorsy enthusiasts who can teach a child a million fun things to do with a puddle, a stick, some wool, or even a rain drop.  While at Little Birds our son learnt to be adventurous, imaginative and confident and we couldn’t recommend them more"

"In the car on the way to Little Birds this morning, Charlie said, ‘Mummy, even though I’m not at school, I’m still learning’. I asked what he meant and he said ‘I’m learning about nature, about grass, bushes, trees, bugs, birds, leaves, sticks and lots of things. Do you know that some stinging nettles don’t sting you. You have to look very carefully and if you see little white flowers it means they won’t sting you."

"The Little birds family have been the most amazing, nurturing people I could have ever wished for to look after my daughter. They are incredibly supportive to us as a family. They have given my daughter a perfect environment to explore, learn, grow and thrive. I could never imagine her being in any other nursery setting after experiencing little birds."

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We welcome visitors, parents and educators. If you have any questions about our pedagogy or would like to come and visit us, please get in contact by emailing info@littlebirdsnursery.co.uk or fill in the form below.

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