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I give permission for the authorised nursery representatives to administer the above medication as prescribed by my doctor. Permission must be given for each medication. It is the nursery's responsibility to exclude children who are sick / or suffering from an infectious disease for a minimum of 48 hours. Provided the child has no allergic reaction we can continue the treatment required from then on. The nursery team must be satisfied that the child is well/fit enough to return and the parent/carer agrees to collect their child in the event that the condition deteriorates. This form will be retained in a safe and confidential manner. Any queries please call 07887502906.

Medication must be supplied in the original container as dispensed by the pharmacy.

Staff are not permitted to change dosage from prescribed dosage

It is advised that the parent keeps the child home for 24 hours following first dosage of a new medication

Please add name and date to authorise and confirm you have read our medication policy.

This form MUST be completed in full

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