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Kids Jumping into the Lake

Is this you?

  • A kind, warm, and generous spirited person, who truly believes that children are powerful, creative and capable of leading their own learning

  • An instinctive, intuitive listener, who can observe, reflect and scaffold children’s learning experiences

  • You won’t mind getting muddy…..really, really muddy… and wearing walking shoes, waterproof clothes and layers upon layers for most of your working hours!

  • Be able to recognise when and where and how to interact with children

  • Be really, really, excited when you are shown a dead worm, a feather, a leaf…..

  • Familiarity of ‘in the moment planning’, the Reggio Emilia approach or the desire to learn and adapt your practice around the philosophy

  • Happy singing songs, know lots of songs, games and stories……. happily playing with puppets, wearing moss as a hat and scribing stories

  • You must be brave…. brave enough to see the benefits, risk assess, and watch children climbing trees, balancing on logs, and help celebrate!

  • Work as part of a small team, with no real hierarchy. All ideas, thoughts and creativity are welcome, and each team member truly a part of a beautiful approach to Early Years care and education.

  • You must be adaptable, and know the ins and outs of the EYFS so when you see incredible learning experiences happen, you will just know how to extend, support and observe the wonderful, deep learning that happens

  • You should be very willing to investigate lots of natural finds, with a stick….and not mind talking lots about bodily functions.

  • Look at a natural space that would appear empty to the untrained eye and see multiple learning and playing opportunities….and be able to help create spaces for learning and play when there is not!

  • An enjoyment and desire to continue to learn, every day, and reflect alone and together on your working day.

  • Laugh, a lot!

  • Have lots of ideas, passion, and spirit to make this setting an asset for the children, the families, the community, the school and yourself

  • An imagination, a spirit of adventure, a hardiness and genuine warmth to all living things.

Finally - you must be willing to work side by side, with the team, the children and our parents.​

You will be one of the most important people in our children’s lives and a gateway to a lifelong love of learning…….

“Our job is too difficult and too beautiful to do alone”

Amelia Gambetti, Reggio Emilia

After weeks and weeks of scurrying the chickens out of the kitchen they have now trained themselves

Current Vacancies

What's in it for you?

True job satisfaction
Lots of fresh air and tons of physical activity
To be a part of a team, be valued, trusted and listened to.
A competitive salary
28 days holiday
Continuous Professional and Personal development and time set aside for fulfilling your personal goals each year.
A day off on your birthday!
Study trips to Reggio Emilia and Sweden, regular on and off site inspirational training, professional days and outdoor learning conferences.

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