Children's Languages of Expression

Learning happens at the child's pace at Little Birds.

We are inspired by Scandinavian and Reggio Emilia approach to education, and at the heart of our approach is our image of the child as a powerful, capable and competent learner.

Time is given to children and educators to follow interests and we together work on long term projects that offer deep and valuable learning experiences.

Our project based approach to learning is a reflective practice, always continually reviewed and progressive, to offer children incredible, rich and broad experiences that they also can reflect on, and allows development in creativity, curiosity, and fosters a deep love of learning. 

We see such joyful learning from the children, at their pace, and our educators are continually learning in conjunction with the children.


Our staff are either qualified teachers, or degree qualified Early Years educators, including a reception and Early Years teacher and each staff has their own areas of expertise and interest, and work together as a group reflecting, improving and learning alongside the children.

The staff are highly skilled, and see the learning in the play and creative questioning and commentary of the children, scaffolding, extending and collaborating with them.

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Bury, Pulborough RH20, UK

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