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Why a Forest Nursery?

Little Birds offers children the chance to play, explore and learn outdoors, both in the woodland, nursery grounds and surrounding areas, and access opportunities to learn about managing risk in a safe environment, to develop a connection and love of nature, to access deep and valuable learning experiences in their local environment, and we support children to become creative, curious, critical and confident problem solvers with who love to learn.

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Forest School in Early Years and the Impact of Fully Outdoors Forest Nursery

A Vibrant Learning Environment


Fully Outdoors Forest Nursery

A Swedish scientific study found that children attending forest school kindergartens which spent 80% of their day outdoors, are far happier than children in ordinary town kindergartens.


The 13 month study concluded that children in the forest school are more balanced and socially capable, have fewer sick days; are more able to concentrate and have better co-ordination than the city nursery children.

The study also showed that the forest school children had 25% fewer sick days than the city children.


One reason for this is that the air is nearly always better outside than indoors. Outside a child is not so exposed to virus and bacteria and not so likely to be infected by other children.


Another reason may be that, since stress has been shown to have a negative effect on the immune system, high stress levels may be weakening the city children.

The forest school children, on the other hand are in a pleasant, natural, fun and less stressful environment

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