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Happy Outdoor Classroom Day! Why not make every day an Outdoor Classroom Day!

Today is Outdoor Classroom Day and we just wanted to mention Bury C of E School - the school Little Birds is based at.

We hope as many of your older children can celebrate and get outside the classroom for deep, valuable learning tomorrow to celebrate Outdoor Classroom day - this is a great initiative that helps raise awareness of the many benefits of outdoor learning.

Bury C of E School has embedded outdoor learning in to the heart of it's approach, and the children and staff get to experience and access these benefits on a daily basis and it is this and it is their approach to working in partnership with the children, their families and their local community that high quality of teaching, relationships and related achievement endures.

The school has a creative, caring curriculum and the children and teachers are amazing. Have a look at this incredible small school and their achievements.

When I have spoken at conferences and events about the beauty of an outdoor, child led forest school approach to early years - many have questioned how difficult the transition to primary education is from such a gorgeous, outdoor, experiential early education experience – and as Bury C of E share so much of our ethos - we are thrilled to be able to recommend the school.

The children at Little Birds whose families have a place at the school, will not only have a beautiful, seamless and gentle transition to Bury C of E School, but we will know that they will continue on a wonderful outdoor and indoor (!) journey, that will encourage a life long love of learning.

We are so lucky to have a school like this in our locality - to quote the National Association of Small Schools:

"The small-scale, human-scale model of education represented in small schools is the closest to the way all of us learn in the real world at home and at work. It thrives on mixed talents, teamwork and individual ideas"

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